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alone. that is a message a group of parents are sending with the hope of stopping bullying. and haverty grace is left with a big mess. why officials are brainstorming for ways to get it all cleaned up. poems, pinwheels and parades. they all have something in common. i'm going to tell what you that is, coming up. all straight ahead on this wednesday, september 21st. good morning maryland, i'm charlie crowson. >> reporter: 6:30 on the clock. 61 degrees here in baltimore. ironically it is warmer up toward york, pennsylvania. further south, here is rain coming up the pipeline. unfortunately, we can't avoid this one. it appears if we have rain rolling up in ocean city, this one should come without the severe weather they have seen last we can.
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unfortunately, thick fog. clouds continue to lower and thicken. we go to almost muggy and reminiscent of summer. we are starting to count things down through the afternoon. we have some heavy rain and potential flooding on the way in the next few days. more on that in a moment. our emergency road work on frederick road is now clear. we have a broken down car on the inner loop at 65 and 25. so be aware of that as you pass. there is a live look on the beltway. the outer loop traffic is starting to slow down. give yourself extra time. by the time you get around to the outer loop at wilkins, the outer loop is to the left of your screen. the volume is moving a bit better. become to you charlie. we have been talking a lot about bullying during the past two years.
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an even bigger issue in upstate new york. this morning abc2news sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: administrators here in maryland have been working on ways to handle bullying in the schools. this morning family and friends are mourning the always of a buffalo, new york teenager. nearly 30 people gathered for a vigil. the teenager was gay and tormented by bullies until he took his own life. he said he was taunted in the hallways and felt he could never escape t those paying tribute say the old rules about name calling don't seem to work any more. some suggest school officials could have done a better job of protecting jamie. friends were surprised by the suicide, because they thought
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he was doing well. >> i have been bullied all my life. been there, and i have defended myself many times. but now, it is time for you people out there to stand up with us. >> two of my three kids dropped out of school and got geds because they were being picked on in the schools, and being raised by a gay father. >> the superintendent of the williamsville central school district says administrators are being proactive and trying to figure out what they can do better. sherrie johnson, abc2news. bullying laws in maryland are among some of the toughest in the united states. first lady kati o'malley attended a bullying conference back in june. sherwood high student teens
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work with elementary and middle school students, teaching them how to deal with it. there is an entire website that breaks down the laws in maryland. it tracks stories on bullying and lessons teachers can learn to help out as well. we have a link to it on our website. click on the slideshow. headlines around the nation this morning. the five officers involved in the shooting death of a gunman in crawford county, ark ark have been cleared. an investigation showed the officers were justified when they shot and killed james palmer. this video shows palmer lurking in the halls and opening fires. police suspect palmer's target was a judge who presided over his divorce and his child custody hearing. the search is on now for a new york city woman police say
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abducted eight of her own children. the seven boys and one girl range in ages from 11 months to 11 years old. authorities believe the woman may be with the children's father. today some will create a pin while. pinwheels will be all over school campuses and this morning abc2news's lynette charles has more. >> reporter: hi charlie. yes i'm out here, and you know things are starting to pick up now. we have students coming in, teachers as well and let me bring in sherry fisher, the art teacher here. tell us what is going on here today. >> today the students are putting up pinwheels? celebration of international peace day. this is going to be our installation here. >> what time?
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>> the installation will be up during the full school day. >> >> reporter: i know this project has been going on since 2009, is that correct? >> yes. >> reporter: how has it grown over the years? >> it happens many more schools in the united states as well as internationally. insulations get big and bigger. more and more students are having students make pinwheels in their classes. >> reporter: aren't you doing a dove this year? >> yes i think it will be awol wonderful design. >> reporter: what -- a wonderful design. >> reporter: what do you hope to accomplish? >> just the knowledge of the day this is international peace day. giving students a chance to express themselves and their
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opinions and their points of view. >> reporter: what else do the kids do to express themselves? >> on the pinwheels themselves a lot of students will write poems and drawings. maybe personal stories. >> reporter: okay. thank you for joining us. coming up, we are definitely going to have the kids' opinion. coming up pretty soon. we are definitely going to tell you what is going on with that, because the pinwheels are absolutely fabulous. going to send this back to you in the studio, charlie. >> coming up, the latest on the dead satellite orbiting earth and what nasa is now saying. we are standing by for the latest on the satellite and we have a realtime data track. what it means for us down here.
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we are tracking a developing story about the chunks as large as 900 pounds. it is called the upper atmosphere research satellite. hurtling back toward the earth at 1800 miles per hour. its current track has it up 130 miles and dropping. >> even as we get to the final orbit we don't know where it is going to come in. that covers a tremendous amount of land. >> reporter: most of the 6.5- ton satellite is expected to burn up in the atmosphere. 26 chunks ranging from a pound to more than 350 pounds could come crashing down over a stretch of 500 miles somewhere
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between the tip of canada and the bottom of south america. we have the story about the satellite being down, when and where it will hit in this story. we also have a link to a mapping site, where you can go in and follow the satellite's progress right now. appears to be over cuba. continuing to follow it on still more to come on this wednesday morning, including. >> reporter: new developments in a deadly hit and run that killed two teen girls. i'm linda so. who police have arrested three months after it happened. >> reporter: and a grand jury i understand two officers for a 2010 beating of a student at college park. i'm sherrie johnson. coming up. today is the international day of peace.
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where celebrations will be held and when, coming up. 6:42. roland park lacking okay right now. westminister, see the lights disappear. >> reporter: stop and go traffic on the north side of the weigh. we'll take a live look, when "good morning maryland" continues.
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this is your abc2news to go. good morning i'm charlie crowson. >> reporter: let's take one more look at the lights over westminister. it is fog causing them to fade out. that could be an issue for some of you. 64 in westminister. the stretch is fairly common. around the beltway doesn't seem to be too much of an issue. we about that down on the ground, you run into some of
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those ground clouds. we have more moisture coming in. this is a really important development the next few days. an easterly wind. the wind forecast, yellows and oranges showing a stronger wind. we have a lot of rain coming up today rust some showers, especially in the afternoon and evening. a high of 74. ramp eastbound to 85 southbound is closed through october 2nd, so keep that in mind for your morning commute. 95 at 65 in the southwest side no problems to report right now, making your way up into the city. this is where the problem spot is. the outer loop at old court road south of 795. we don't have anything in your way at this point. goodrich yourself extra time traveling 795 to 70. breaking news the attorneys
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for the hikers serving prison time in iran have a deal in place for release. they have been sentenced to eight years in prison, and have been in custody for more than two years. both men could be released later today. an emotional scene at bowie state universititon. dominique fraser was found stabbed to death inside a dorm room last week her roommate, alexis simpson -s being held in the death. the maryland terrapins beat duke in the 2010 basketball season, abc2news's sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: reginald baker and james harrison are facing charges because of the alleged beating. a grand jury indicted them on first and second degree assault charges as well as misconduct
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in office. the alleged incident happened near the university campus after a march madness basketball game. students celebrated in the streets. now police initially said the student hit mounted officers and their horses. those charges against the students have been dropped. once this video first aired, several officers were suspended, including those involved in writing a false arrest report. new developments this morning in the deadly hit and run that killed two teen girls. they were crossing martin luther king boulevard. abc2news's linda so has more. >> reporter: a man and his girlfriend were arrested. 28-year-old reuben dunn is being held without bond.
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the deadly hit and run killed 16-year-old courtney angeles and her best friend heather smith. now reuben dunn has been indicted. neighbors say he lives in an apartment with his girlfriend, kendra miles. dunn was driving when the crash happened but miles switched places with him afterwards to cover it up. we have learned dunn, two months after the deadly hit and run was pulled over for speeding. police say he was doing 65 in a 40 and driving with a suspended registration. we are live at city police headquarters, linda so, abc2news. new information on the death penalty in maryland. the maryland court of appeals says the way jurors decide whether or not to impose the death penalty is constitutional. jody lee miles is one of five men on death row here in
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maryland. maryland public safety officials say they are going to use $50,000 in federal grant money to intensify the fight to keep cell phones out of prisons in baltimore. if you live in downtown frederick, prepare to be in the dark this weekend. allegheny power plans outages from 10:00 saturday night until 8:00 sunday morning. more details. once again, frederick, you are going to be in the dark. we are hours away from hearing what the federal reserve will do today to help a sluggish economy. it could reduce rates on mortgages and other consumer and business loans. reporting from the washington post the united states is amassing a cache of secret drone bases. the report says the military is developing bases in ethiopia
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and reports the united states has flown drones over somalia and the construction of the secret air strip is underway. today there is going to be a symbol of peace and for love. and students from around the country are carrying on a tradition started six years ago in florida. we have more on what is being done here with the arts and it is involving pinwheels? >> reporter: pinwheels, charlie. the sun is rise and go we are going to be seeing plenty of pinwheels planted in a lot of school yards this morning. let's bring in the planters right now. definitely we have fabulous students here. your name. >> brianna, amanda. >> reporter: what does this mean to you guys? >> its collaborative -- it is a
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collaborative effort from all schools around the country. to give peace a chance. >> reporter: how did it make you feel to do something this significant? >> it makes you feel good. this started back in 2005 just local, but it is spreading all over the world. to be part of this is amazing. >> reporter: that is amazing. this year is the dove theme. what was last year? >> last year we did a giant sign across the front yard. >> reporter: this is something you guys have done for four years is that correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: you will spread joy and peace and love once you graduate? >> of course. >> reporter: you can see the future is here and they are doing wonderful things again. become to you in the studio, charlie. five things you need to know. president obama plans to have
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one-on-one meetings to the with the palestinian president and the israeli prime minister. the baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings blake back in baltimore today. she and other mayors are working together to create jobs. free child safety seat checks are taking place in maryland. and we are standing by for a big announcement at 10:30 this morning on just how bad the smog is here in baltimore. the group is going to be meeting at university square park on green street. you are encouraged to walk or ride your bike today. zero emission day. this year's theme is to get creative. parts of haverty grace are filled with mud following irene. the mud is justsying in the
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susquehanna, clogging up the yacht basin. the city has spent $41,000 to clean up the mess and they are looking for other sources to help as well. >> it is a mess. we are watching a tropical feed of moisture continuing flare up. new storms across the south. we will have a south southeasterly wind. now, we are looking for not only the fog but the clouds to hold tight. we are looking at the showers trying to develop this afternoon around the bay. the flow of moisture coming up from the south becoming more prominent. 4:00 thursday afternoon and rolling our way through thursday night and friday morning. it looks a lot like lee -- pumping the moisture in. wherever this conveyor belt of moisture happens to fall, we
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could have ourselves quit a few inches of rain. this morning fog, this afternoon showers making a return. tonight back down, mid-60s. we are going to stay in the 70s. increase our threat of rain and we could have widespread flooding. >> reporter: slow traffic on the outer loop, hartford to york and 795 to edmonton. old court road south of 75, a live look more stop than go. this would be very slow around to edmonton. the jfx is moving well though. northbound there is a parked car on the right shoulder. premiere week continues on abc and abc2news. you guys know "dancing with the stars" started monday. tonight the premiere of modern family. i guess they are going camping. >> i need to nap so i can stay
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up and watch that. season three premieres at 9:00. have a great day. we are always available on and face back. up to new york now for "good morning america."
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